Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trampled Underfoot...ers?

 I have been MIA for a week now - there wasn't much new to report besides some deeper digging to the giant hole. And between the 4th Holiday and being backed up, the county was running behind on inspections, so the crew had to wait for that. Not to mention I came down with a case of strep throat that struck me like it had a death wish. Utter misery. So I hadn't been out to the site and not too much was happening....until today.
Footers around the garage
That is what's in these pictures, yes? The footers? I previously mentioned I am an absolute novice at this housebuilding business and knowing what's what. At any rate, some concrete was poured today and I'm assuming this is what they meant by "footers". Because its footers first, then foundations? Gah! I am terrible, but still - its very exciting!

What an attractive front porch
Stonehenge. No, wait. RyanHomeshenge. Triolahenge?
I was right! That large hill of gravel IS the temporary driveway.
PM left a voicemail on the hubs phone the other day saying its concrete, concrete, waterproofing, then framing in about 2 weeks....what?! Crazy! Its all happening!!! Stay tuned.....

Update: some new pics from our rockin sales person - in random Blogger app order She must have been at the site not long after we were. And is clearly much braver or was wearing a hard hat because she got some up-close shots of Triolahenge. Thanks "E"!


  1. Ha ha! RyanHomeshenge, love it!

  2. Too funny. Now the fun begins!

  3. I like that they put down the stone prior to putting up the forms. It seems a lot more efficient than doing it after the foundation walls are poured.

    Thumbs up to your sales rep for taking pictures for you!