Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tell me about it, studs....

Another pic heavy post, this time courtesy of our awesome Sales Rep who emailed me a ton of pics Sunday night!! These are mostly interior shots - lots of studs - but for one of the exterior...with the beginnings of a roof!! Its all happening.....
Silver, blingy house skeleton with a roof!!!
Office...I think. Its so hard to tell w/out being there!!
Taken from the kitchen looking into the family room. Took me forever to figure out where I was looking b/c I think that breakfast bar is on the wrong side. If I'm not mistaken, the breakfast bar would be butting up against the same wall featuring the optional windows (that we did not opt for) yes? Opposite side of the morning room from the sliding glass doors? Hmmmm....

Morning room.

Stairs taken from the kitchen.

Dining room.

Foyer/living room.

Upstairs hallway taken from top of steps.

One of the kids bedroom - no idea which one.

Backside of the kids' tub surround.

Hallway looking into the master


Garden tub.

Master!!  Master!! Master of puppets is....ahh nevermind.

Stairs. Sideways.

Morning room taken from the family room. Am now thoroughly convinced that breakfast bar is on the wrong side. 
Its all coming together!!! And we've apparently hit our first minor snag with that breakfast bar, unless I'm way off, there should be some kitchen cabinets along the bottom of that and I don't think I want them in the living room. We shall see.....

UPDATE: I emailed my sales rep right after I posted this, and copied it to the pm. He responded w/in 5 minutes that yes he was aware of the bar being on the wrong side and was already on top of it. Framers were supposed to have moved it today or tomorrow. He's diligent, that one. We and our house are in good hands!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Eternal Summer Slacking

That's my excuse for not updating the blog in the last 10 days. Eternal summer slacking. Is there anything better? It sounds nice, but truthfully with pool passes, amusement park passes, 2-3x weekly drive-bys at the new place, and our current house to prepare for sale - oh yeah, and work:) - I feel  like I haven't sat down in weeks. Exhaustion is wearing on me....but not for the crew on lot 15!!! Holy cow so much has happened in the last 10 days, I can't believe my eyes sometimes. This is a pic heavy post, so prepare yourselves. I'll start with last week and work up to this evening. Here goes.

Early last week - we were worried spotty showers/thunderstorms would delay pouring the concrete floor, but they got it done.
Looking down into the basement from the south side of the morning room.
Garage floor not yet poured.
Front porch.
I'm still - 10 days later - not entirely sure whats happening here. It looks like a paint tray filled with gravel was dropped onto the cement?

Fast forward a week - county inspections were done and not much else, until this past Monday when our lumber was delivered!
Isn't it good Norwegian Wood? (no. probably not, but I love the Beatles, so there.)
Lower left corner - 2 fiberglass tub/shower surrounds. one for the upstairs/kids bath, one for the basement. directly behind them in cardboard boxes are the master bath shower floor and garden tub.
Jump ahead a few rainy days - pull around the corner and whoa! whats up first floor?! from the back of the lot.
Front of the house - from the left - living room window, front door, dining room window.
Front of garage - now featuring a fresh concrete floor!
windows & stairs
office and south side of morning room.
north side of morning room - sliding glass door. site of future deck.
large triangles.
and perhaps the most perplexing find of the day...a crumpled up map of the state of Ohio.
not even kidding by afternoon the next day....hello there 2nd floor!
from the back of the house.
From this evening - the hubs did a drive-by (Friday 6 pm, crew still there working) - and we have a blingy, silver-wrapped house. Check out that front porch coming together so nicely. Have I mentioned my love of a front porch? Well, you know now - I freakin loooove a front porch. I foresee many afternoon/evenings sitting and watching my kiddos play in the cul-de-sac.
and the morning room has a roof!
Its all happening!!!! What a week this has been - in 10 days we went from a hole in the ground with a concrete floor to a silver, two-story skeleton of our dream house. Its a beautiful thing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Concrete Jungle

Big, big happenings over at Lot 15 this week!! Foundation is poured and waterproofing Geo-mat is in place. All underground plumbing for the basement is in place and the concrete floor is due to be poured on Thursday, weather permitting. Moving right along!! Some pictures in random, iPhone Blogger app order.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trampled Underfoot...ers?

 I have been MIA for a week now - there wasn't much new to report besides some deeper digging to the giant hole. And between the 4th Holiday and being backed up, the county was running behind on inspections, so the crew had to wait for that. Not to mention I came down with a case of strep throat that struck me like it had a death wish. Utter misery. So I hadn't been out to the site and not too much was happening....until today.
Footers around the garage
That is what's in these pictures, yes? The footers? I previously mentioned I am an absolute novice at this housebuilding business and knowing what's what. At any rate, some concrete was poured today and I'm assuming this is what they meant by "footers". Because its footers first, then foundations? Gah! I am terrible, but still - its very exciting!

What an attractive front porch
Stonehenge. No, wait. RyanHomeshenge. Triolahenge?
I was right! That large hill of gravel IS the temporary driveway.
PM left a voicemail on the hubs phone the other day saying its concrete, concrete, waterproofing, then framing in about 2 weeks....what?! Crazy! Its all happening!!! Stay tuned.....

Update: some new pics from our rockin sales person - in random Blogger app order She must have been at the site not long after we were. And is clearly much braver or was wearing a hard hat because she got some up-close shots of Triolahenge. Thanks "E"!