Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tell me about it, studs....

Another pic heavy post, this time courtesy of our awesome Sales Rep who emailed me a ton of pics Sunday night!! These are mostly interior shots - lots of studs - but for one of the exterior...with the beginnings of a roof!! Its all happening.....
Silver, blingy house skeleton with a roof!!!
Office...I think. Its so hard to tell w/out being there!!
Taken from the kitchen looking into the family room. Took me forever to figure out where I was looking b/c I think that breakfast bar is on the wrong side. If I'm not mistaken, the breakfast bar would be butting up against the same wall featuring the optional windows (that we did not opt for) yes? Opposite side of the morning room from the sliding glass doors? Hmmmm....

Morning room.

Stairs taken from the kitchen.

Dining room.

Foyer/living room.

Upstairs hallway taken from top of steps.

One of the kids bedroom - no idea which one.

Backside of the kids' tub surround.

Hallway looking into the master


Garden tub.

Master!!  Master!! Master of puppets is....ahh nevermind.

Stairs. Sideways.

Morning room taken from the family room. Am now thoroughly convinced that breakfast bar is on the wrong side. 
Its all coming together!!! And we've apparently hit our first minor snag with that breakfast bar, unless I'm way off, there should be some kitchen cabinets along the bottom of that and I don't think I want them in the living room. We shall see.....

UPDATE: I emailed my sales rep right after I posted this, and copied it to the pm. He responded w/in 5 minutes that yes he was aware of the bar being on the wrong side and was already on top of it. Framers were supposed to have moved it today or tomorrow. He's diligent, that one. We and our house are in good hands!!!


  1. Wow, so there was a !etallica reference dropped in there...nice work! Looks so good...we are almost in e same place building-wise!

    1. Oh yeah - the hubs is a big Metallica guy. I can't help it - every time we refer to our bedroom as the "master", I'm instantly thinking "Master of puppets is pulling your striiiings!!!!!" ;)