Friday, June 29, 2012


All kinds of action going on over at Lot 15 these last few days!! Here's what greeted us as we pulled into the development

Signs, signs, everywhere signs.

 Its all happening!!! Things are definitely around busier around here than they have been recently.

Concrete washout on lot 34.
Lo and behold, as we turned onto the cul-de-sac

We've been staked!
The stakes are high!

Stake your claim!
Im guessing these are meant to outline the lay of the house for digging purposes? I really am such a novice about all this. I suppose I'll get an education of sorts at the pre-con meeting Monday, but even walking around out there its hard to make heads or tails of what I'm looking at or how the house will lay on the lot. And I didn't get a picture, but they've already started digging on lot 13. Very cool!


  1. COngrats! I am building a Ravenna too- check out our blog when you can,

    Like you, we signed our contract a long time ago- February! So, we are excited to be starting.


    1. Thanks! I'm very excited to get the ball rolling. Today is our pre-construction meeting so I'll be updating later. Stay tuned! :)