Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Closer and closer

Well, our pre-settlement walk through is this Friday AM. It's all happening!! Our pm called today to say that things were kind of wrapping up this week - the deck is getting finished and other than that it's going to be mostly cleaning the place up. The shutters are up and the laminate floor in the kitchen/foyer/powder room has been laid. We close on Tuesday. I can't believe it's finally time for all this!!! On the agenda in the coming days: shopping for a new fridge, pricing blinds, and researching sealant products for our tile grout, cement driveway, and garage floor. We're also going to
shop for a new couch for the family room, a kitchen table for the morning room, a king size bed for us, and a new tv. A few of those things are going to have to wait a little bit - in the weeks after the big move we have our big girl turning 6 (which means party & presents) and a trip to Disney in early Nov. Priorities up front are obviously the fridge & blinds, everything else we can take our time with. Without further ado, some exterior shots from our drive-by last weekend, and some interior shots from our pm. In random, blogger app order:

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  1. It's looking good over there! I like the way the recess lightening is set up in the basement. Are they installing a ALL wood deck? In our area, the HOA will only allow a composite deck. It's so different from region to region.